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  1. dillthelegend

    Forum Rules

    - Use common sense when posting - Post your threads in the appropriate category - When reporting a player make sure to have valid proof - Do not disrespect any other members or staff - No releasing personal information - Be on topic and use proper English
  2. dillthelegend

    Ban Appeal Template

    Use this format in your unban dispute. Please take your time to fill this template out. If you do not use this format your dispute will be denied. Your IGN: Ban Reason: Banned by: Date and Time: Explain why you should be unbanned:
  3. dillthelegend

    Staff Application Template (APPLY ON DISCORD, DM Dill or Gecko)

    NOTE: If you post on a staff member's wall or bug them on Discord or in game regarding your application, it will be IMMEDIATELY DENIED. Moderator / Vice Moderator Moderators are our first line of defense against hackers, spammers and trolls. Moderators are expected to keep an eye on players in...